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    June/July 2021
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Dare to Drive

In the world of motorsports, women are a rare feature, more so, in the driving seat whether behind the wheel of a car or on the seat of an ATV or Motorbike. But times are changing and more women are daring to challenge the norm; breaking barriers in this extreme sport and encouraging us all to discover what is possible when we take the risk to engage!

2021 will be a significant year in the World Rally Championship marking the return of the iconic Safari Rally to the annual world rally championship (WRC) calendar after a 19 year break. The Safari Rally was last hosted in Kenya on the WRC calendar in 2002. This year’s only all female racing team comprised of Maxine Wahome and Chantal Young, are possibly also the youngest team participating in the Rally. Both ladies were only young girls the last time the WRC Safari Rally was held in Kenya and both have risen through the ranks of motorcycle sports both accomplishing outstanding success in their respective disciplines; Maxine in Motocross and Chantal in Enduro before moving from two to four wheels.

Maxine Wahome:

Age: 25 years
Greatest Inspiration: Parents, Trainer- Asad Khan and Molly Taylor who drives for Subaru USA.
Most looking forward to: finishing the rally.
Least looking forward to: possibly breaking down before the end.
Word of advice to anyone who is afraid to follow their dream: Focus on what you want, let nothing stop you…it never hurts to try.
One thing you would like spectators and fans to know about you: “I am a silent killer!”

Chantal Young:

Age: 29
Greatest Inspiration: Late grandparents who encouraged the family to participate in motorsport and also family support.
Most looking forward to: being a part of the great return of the WRC to her home country
Least looking forward to: preparations leading to the rally
Word of advice to anyone who is afraid to follow their dream: Take the first step and by so doing you also become an inspiration to others.
What would you most like the spectators and fans to know about you: “I am a fun, funny, happy person who looks at the positive side of life”

The ladies in car no 70 will be driving is a Subaru N10, usually the choice of car for people starting out in rally’s and very popular before they move on to bigger cars. This will be Maxine’s first rally as the driver while Chantal will navigate. For Chantal this will be her 4th entrance into the Safari Rally but of course the first World Rally Championship that they are both entering and the first time they are sitting together. With her experience Chantal hopes to guide the team to the finish of the rally.

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us “

- Wilma Rudolph

For these two women, this quote from this legendary American athlete holds true and Team 70 will be the team to watch as they make their debut in the World Rally Championship competing against the world’s best.

Follow the 2021 WRC Safari Rally:

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd - Recce of all the stages
Thursday 24th - Flag off at KICC & Stage 1 @ Kasarani
Friday 25th - 6 stages around Naivasha (Chui Lodge 1&2, Kedong 1&2, Oserian 1&2)
Saturday 26th - 6 stages around Naivasha (Elementeita 1&2, Soysambu 1&2, Sleeping Warrior 1&2)
Sunday 27th - 5 stages around Naivasha (Loldia 1&2, Hells Gate 1&2, Malewa)

Follow Team 70 on Instagram Chantal @young_chanty21 and Maxine @maxine_rally_team

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World Environment Day: #generationrestoration
FIM Ride and repair?

World environment day is traditionally celebrated early in June. This year on 5th June, 2021, FIM released the following statement on the upgrading of it’s sustainability strategy for responsible global motorcycling. We applaud them for reminding us all that extreme and outdoor sport does not have happen at the expense of the environment. We echo their sentiments that we all have a responsibility to be aware of the impact we have on our surroundings and be proactive about taking measures to ensure that we respect, preserve and restore the environments in which we operate.

"After a long year of extraordinary situations, we have revamped our sustainability strategy. We have analysed the priority areas, which we will focus on over the next five years. We have aligned this strategy with the global objectives. One of the priority areas is raising awareness about the importance of preserving our common path, our planet, how to protect it, and how to restore it.

That is why we have also incorporated new regulations into the FIM Environmental Code. We are investing in scientific studies that help us better understand the relationship of our sport with biodiversity, with ecosystems and how we can contribute to restoring and protecting them. We have several examples of coexistence between motorcycling and ecosystems. We have significant cases of studies of support by motorcycling clubs and National Federations relating to ecosystems with endangered species and a few other cases of forest restoration and conservation within motorcycling circuits."

Let´s join #generationrestoration practicing a sustainable sport.
Stick to the rules and show respect for the ecosystems.
Leave the spaces better than you find them.

Ride Green

Jorge Viegas
FIM President.

#WeCarein People,Place,Tomorrow , #Generationrestoration, #Reimagine,recreate,restore


“ All your dreams are on the other side of fear”

- Unknown



Upcoming Events

WRC Safari Rally Kenya: 24th - 27th June 2021

Connaught Cup-Polo Tournament: 2nd - 4th July 2021

Rhino Charge: 17th July 2021

Kari Challenge: 24th July 2021

MX Of African Nations:6th- 8th August 2021

Forest XC: 22nd August 2021
For regular updates and livestream sports news from Africa; visit: www.spnafrica.com


Rated: Entry level - Seasoned hikers
Duration: 5 - 7hrs
Distance: 12kms
Date: 26th June 2021

A challenging trek for hikers of all levels (beginners - seasoned).

The hike starts off with an easy walk along the railway lines before diverting into the woods along single track paths leading you to beautiful caves and hot springs and the famous railway tunnels.

The hike progresses on to a 2-3 kms climb to ascend to the highest point of Kijabe, standing at 2,688M. Here you will be met by a stunning view of the rift valley, with a glimpse of Mt. Longonot in the distance.

The last part of the hike is a leisurely descent through the planted forest region and local shambas to complete an invigorating day out.


Meeting point: Alliance Place, Waiyaki Way, Westlands

How to get there: https://bit.ly/3wqGZLd

What to carry: Bring enough snacks and water for the walk.
Facilitation: Kshs 3,000/- Per person
Amref Evacuation cover recommended: Kshs 1,600/- per person

To confirm you booking, please book in advance and pay by Mpesa :

Paybill number: 7250795
Account number: KIJABE HILLS

Payment to be done by Thursday 24th June 2021

For any further enquires contact our team at +254720930757 or experience@explore.co.ke *Cancellation policies applies*

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Beginner and intermediate level weekend rides, hikes and multi-activity tours located in scenic locations in and around the greater Nairobi area. Most rides and hikes will be mainly off road but may include short on-road sections.

Upcoming Trips:

  • 3rd July: Isinya: Bike
  • 17th July : Nachu Caves: Hike
  • 31st July: Tuala: Bike

Advanced/Intermediate : approx. 40-50 km
Beginner: approx. 15 km

If you wish to rent a bike from Limitless, please contact the number below before end of day Thursday for pick up on Friday the workshop located at Alliance Place in Westlands from 2.00 pm on Friday.

Bike rental charges are : Kshs 1,000/- per day for Explore.Rides and Kshs 2,000/- per day for private rentals; this includes Bike and Helmet.

If you are using your own bike it is recommended that you bring to the workshop for a tune up to ensure it is in good working condition for touring. Contact the number below to book a suitable time for this.

A facilitation fee of Kshs 1,500/- is payable for guiding. For rides/hikes outside of Nairobi and multi-day activities a higher facilitation fee will be applicable. Bookings will be confirmed by payment latest by Friday at noon the day before the activity. (Spaces are limited)

Before making payment kindly contact the booking office to confirm fees, check on availability of space and bikes. Also note: venue charges may apply depending on the tour destination.

What to carry: water, comfortable sports attire, light rain or windproof jacket, energy bars and snacks. For multi-activity tours camping equipment will be required. (Contact us should you need to hire)

How to prepare: eat healthy, hydrate and get enough rest before the activity. Be ready to have fun!

Amref Evacuation cover recommended: Kshs 1,600/- per person

All activities are conducted in accordance with the required Covid -19 health protocols and face coverings are mandatory for all participants.

Contact: 0720 930 757 for more information on the schedule of rides and bookings.

Click here to book our private tours

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scheduled rides or hikes

Use the current down time to pick up a new skill;
learn to ride with Explore.

Who should sign-up: Beginners to Intermediate Level

Time Required: 3 Sessions with a certified trainer

Skills Covered: Balance, Positioning, cornering, gear shifting, trail scanning

Includes: Bike rental and one complimentary day bike tour with Explore.Rides

Cost: Kshs 7,800/-

Terms and Conditions:

  • Explore.Rides Day tour redeemable within one month after completion of course.
  • Offer only valid when booked through: Explore.Rides
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Because life is meant for living.

Shenzi Life
Clothing for outdoor living

This comfortable 100% cotton outdoor wear is custom designed and stitched in Kenya; ideal for before and after rides, hot days out in the sun, cool evenings by the bonfire or simply hanging out in the company of good friends.

Long and short sleeved available;
Kshs 1,400/ short sleeved
Kshs 1,800/- long sleeved.

Buy Now

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To Order 0722 344885 or info@extremeoutdoorsafrica.com

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