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    May/June 2021
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Dare to Fly

In this edition, we take to the skies. Over the last few years, the fledgling Paragliding Association of Kenya has slowly but steadily built up this recreational and competitive adventure sport into one of the hottest new activities you can enjoy in your quest to dare, discover and engage.

“ When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been and there you will always long to return”

Best known as an artist Leonardo Da Vinci wrote this quote in the fifteenth century with reference to flying, a subject that fascinated him for much of his life. He was obsessed with the concept of flight and designed plans for several flying machines, most of which were not successful. He did however design and produce a hang glider which was successfully constructed and demonstrated.

Fast forward five centuries later and you can actually taste the flight of which he spoke in the recreational and competitive adventure sport of paragliding. Over the last few years, the Paragliding Association of Kenya has slowly but steadily built up this sport which consists of flying lightweight, free-flying, foot launched glider aircraft into one of the hottest new activities you can enjoy in your quest to dare, discover and engage.

Much like Da Vinci envisioned, paragliding is a flying activity that the closest resembles the flight of birds. The aircraft is built with only cloth and ropes with no rigid structure and uses wind as its sole propellant without the need for an engine or fuel. This extreme sport offers you the opportunity to enjoy incredible views, freedom and the feeling of walking on air. This feeling is not only affects your physical wellbeing as your body responds to the adrenaline rush leading to increased excitement and increased energy, but also releases the tension in your body and enhances your mental wellbeing. The need to control the parachute with your arms and using your core muscles as you sit in the gliding harness results in increased upper body and core strength, overall increased flexibility and mobility in your range of movement.

There are three types of paragliding

  • Solo
  • Tandem
  • Acro Paragliding

Each of which require use of the correct equipment, proper training in the skill and a solid understanding of the risk and safety requirements. We will soon be offering opportunities for you to book lessons through Extreme Outdoors Africa.

In the meantime, plan to attend the upcoming Kijabe Hill Paragliding festival on 11th to 13th June, 2021 ( which will also have a MTB cycling event ) to see the "human birds" in action; details as below.



"Three things you cannot recover in life; the moment after it's missed, the word after it's said and the time after it's wasted. Take the time to do the things you always wanted to do, don't regret never having had the courage to have made the effort.

- Unknown


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Kari Challenge 2021

Date: 24th July 2021

Adults: KES 2,000ppn
Kids(Under 12) KES 1,000ppn
Entry for adults- 02 person teams

Registrations: 7:00am - 8:40am
Race briefing: 8:45am
Race start: 9:00am

All payments to: Mpesa Till No: 524959- Africa Extreme

Contact us: Email; info@mtkenyaMTBseries.co.ke
Phone: 254-722-344885.

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Upcoming Events

WRC Safari Rally Kenya: 24th - 27th June 2021

Connaught Cup-Polo Tournament: 2nd - 4th July 2021

Rhino Charge: 17th July 2021

Kijabe Hill Festival

Cloudbase Kenya was established in 2016 for purpose of promoting the sport of Paragliding and Ground Handling Training in Kenya. Together with the Paragliding Association of Kenya, Cloudbase Kenya has organised three successful paragliding competitions in the last 3 years and the fourth edition has been organized in partnership with Green Lantern Entertainment, Velo Nitrous & the VW Bus Owners Association to give the patrons a complete festival experience. Patrons will spectate the paragliding competition as they get to learn more about this exciting extreme sport. They will also have the option of going on a trail run or cycling adventure around Kijabe Hill. Camping facilities, entertainment, food and refreshments will be available at the venue throughout the festival. No food/drinks from outside will be allowed. Contact: 0704 913 791 Website: http://www.paraglidingkenya.or.ke

For regular updates and livestream sports news from Africa; visit: www.spnafrica.com



Jaza Van

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Mt. Kenya Climb:

Option 1: 4 day Trek
19th to 22nd August 2021
Climbing up on Sirimon Route and descending on Naro Moru route
Kshs 32,0000 ppn ( resident rate)
USD 531 ppn ( non-resident) min 8 pax

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Option 2: 3 Day Trek
20th to 22th August 2021
Climbing up and descending on Naro Moru Route
Kshs 27,900/- ppn ( resident)
USD 479 ( non-resident) min 8 pax

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Explore The Unknown

Beginner and intermediate level weekend rides, hikes and multi-activity tours located in scenic locations in and around the greater Nairobi area. Most rides and hikes will be mainly off road but may include short on-road sections.

Upcoming rides:

  • 29th May: Explore Longonot: Hike
  • 12th June : Explore Champagne Ridge : Bike Ride
  • 26th June: Explore Kijabe Hills, Hike and Camp

Advanced/Intermediate : approx. 40-50 km
Beginner: approx. 15 km

If you wish to rent a bike from Limitless, please contact the number below before end of day Thursday for pick up on Friday the workshop located at Alliance Place in Westlands from 2.00 pm on Friday.

Bike rental charges are : Kshs 1,000/- per day for Explore.Rides and Kshs 2,000/- per day for private rentals; this includes Bike and Helmet.

If you are using your own bike it is recommended that you bring to the workshop for a tune up to ensure it is in good working condition for touring. Contact the number below to book a suitable time for this.

A facilitation fee of Kshs 1,500/- is payable for guiding. For rides/hikes outside of Nairobi and multi-day activities a higher facilitation fee will be applicable. Bookings will be confirmed by payment latest by Friday at noon the day before the activity. (Spaces are limited)

Before making payment kindly contact the booking office to confirm fees, check on availability of space and bikes. Also note: venue charges may apply depending on the tour destination.

What to carry: water, comfortable sports attire, light rain or windproof jacket, energy bars and snacks. For multi-activity tours camping equipment will be required. (Contact us should you need to hire)

How to prepare: eat healthy, hydrate and get enough rest before the activity. Be ready to have fun!

All activities are conducted in accordance with the required Covid -19 health protocols and face coverings are mandatory for all participants.

Contact: 0720 930 757 for more information on the schedule of rides and bookings.

Click here to book our private tours

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scheduled rides or hikes


Use the current down time to pick up a new skill;
learn to ride with Explore.

Who should sign-up: Beginners to Intermediate Level

Time Required: 3 Sessions with a certified trainer

Skills Covered: Balance, Positioning, cornering, gear shifting, trail scanning

Includes: Bike rental and one complimentary day bike tour with Explore.Rides

Cost: Kshs 7,800/-

Terms and Conditions:

  • Explore.Rides Day tour redeemable within one month after completion of course.
  • Offer only valid when booked through: Explore.Rides
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Because life is meant for living.

Shenzi Life
Clothing for outdoor living

This comfortable 100% cotton outdoor wear is custom designed and stitched in Kenya; ideal for before and after rides, hot days out in the sun, cool evenings by the bonfire or simply hanging out in the company of good friends.

Long and short sleeved available;
Kshs 1,400/ short sleeved
Kshs 1,800/- long sleeved.

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To Order 0722 344885 or info@extremeoutdoorsafrica.com

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For all activities and events log onto www.extremeoutdoorsafrica.com for more details.
Events listed are subject to change without notice.
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